In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Close Up.”

I oftentimes get tired of myself. I always blame myself for everything that goes the wrong way. And if people will help me, I hardly accept it. Partly because of pride but mostly because I don’t want them to go deeper. I don’t want them to look at me nearer. I don’t want them to know more about me. I’m scared that if they would get too close, I will end up wounded because they won’t like me. THE REAL ME. And I don’t know if they would get along with my caged psychopath suppressed in the pits of my self-created hell.



  1. asnappshot · July 27, 2015

    Its good that you have a place to let your hang loose.Believe me negative emotions can be the most treacherous thing to hold.

    Work it out, even it you don’t trust anyone, soon you will find that where there is a will there will be a way out of hell……


    • clithridate · July 29, 2015

      Thank you so much for commenting. You’re really helping~~


      • asnappshot · July 31, 2015

        I’m glad it is helping you…..I feel your pain, only do what boundaries you are allowing yourself to do. And remember you can solve it….It may be challenging but you can do it You may contact me at anytime. I have a contact page on my blog.


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